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Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co., Ltd.

MOQ: 1 g
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Corden Pharma

Type: Producer
Origin: Germany

Looking for Afamelanotide 75921-69-6?

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Melanotan 1, MT-I  
Cas Number:
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About Afamelanotide

What can you use it for? Afamelanotide is a first-in-class, synthetic, 13-amino acid peptide analogue of the endogenous alpha melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH). It differs structurally from its endogenous counterpart by only two amino acids - these structural differences improve biological efficacy by imparting a greater affinity for its target and a longer biological half-life Afamelanotide is currently the only approved drug therapy used in the management of erythropoietic protoporphyria, having received approval in the EU in December 20147 and subsequent FDA approval in October 2019. Despite its relatively recent approval, afamelanotide has been available for use as an orphan drug in both the US and EU since 2008.

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  • Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co., Ltd. from China
  • Corden Pharma from Germany

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