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Xellia Pharma

Type: Producer
Origin: Hungary

Type: Producer
Origin: Denmark

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Gramicidin D 
Bacillus brevis gramicidin D, Gramicidin, Gramicidin A, Gramicidin B, Gramicidin C, Gramicidine  
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About Gramicidin D

Here, you can find what Gramicidin D is used for, in short. Gramcidin D is a heterogeneous mixture of three antibiotic compounds, gramicidins A, B and C, making up 80%, 6%, and 14% respectively all of which are obtained from the soil bacterial species Bacillus brevis and called collectively gramicidin D. Gramcidins are 15 residue peptides with alternating D and L amino acids, which assemble inside of the hydrophobic interior of the cellular lipid bilayer to form a β-helix. Active against most Gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative organisms, Gramicidin D is used primarily as a topical antibiotic and is also found in Polysporin ophthalmic solution.

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  • Xellia Pharma from Hungary
  • Xellia from Denmark

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