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    China Zhejiang Chengyi
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    Germany Siegfried
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Germany
    Italy Euticals
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Italy
    South Korea Yuhan Chemical
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: South Korea
    South Korea
    China Jinan Mingxin
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    Italy Bidachem
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Italy
    China Star Lake Bioscience
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    Japan Yamasa Corp.
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Japan
    India Aurobindo
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: India
    China Shaoxing Hantai Pharma
    Type: Distributor
    Produced in: China

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    RBV, Ribavirin, Ribavirina, Ribavirine, Ribavirinum, Tribavirin  
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    About Ribavirin

    You can find a short description about Ribavirin here. Producing a broad-spectrum activity against several RNA and DNA viruses, Ribavirin is a synthetic guanosine nucleoside and antiviral agent that interferes with the synthesis of viral mRNA. It is primarily indicated for use in treating hepatitis C and viral hemorrhagic fevers. HCV is a single-stranded RNA virus that is categorized into nine distinct genotypes, with genotype 1 being the most common in the United States, and affecting 72% of all chronic HCV patients It is reported that ribavirin might be only effective in early stages of viral hemorrhagic fevers including Lasser fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever, and Hantavirus infection.

    Ribavirin is a prodrug that is metabolized into nucleoside analogs that blocks viral RNA synthesis and viral mRNA capping. Before the development of newer drugs, ribavirin and Peginterferon alfa-2a/Peginterferon alfa-2b dual therapy was considered the first-generation and standard antiviral treatment The dual therapy was administered for 48 weeks in patients with genotype and and 24 weeks in patients with genotype 2 and 3 Newer drugs developed as Hepatitis C viral infection treatments can be used to reduce or eliminate the use of ribavirin, which are associated with serious adverse effects. They also improve therapeutic efficacy in patients with failed Peginterferon alfa-2a/Peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin-based therapy. The potential use of ribavirin as a treatment for acute myeloid leukemia is currently under investigation. According to 2017 American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) and 2015 consensus guidelines from the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL), ribavirin is typically used as an adjunct therapy to various first-line and second-line combination therapies recommended for each genotypes. Ribavirin is added to decrease relapse rates by accelerating viral clearance early in the treatment course.

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    • Zhejiang Chengyi from China
    • Aurobindo from India
    • Shaoxing Hantai Pharma from China
    • Euticals from Italy
    • Siegfried from Germany
    • Yamasa Corp. from Japan
    • Star Lake Bioscience from China
    • Bidachem from Italy
    • Yuhan Chemical from South Korea
    • Jinan Mingxin from China

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