Caspar van Kempen

Posted on October 5, 2018

We've got some great news to share with you!


We are very excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. This is the largest update since the beginning of Pharmaoffer in 2016.
When we started working on this huge update over a year ago, we had one major goal in mind: To speed up the entire order process from sourcing until delivery of APIs and Excipients between well-qualified buyers and suppliers.


The last couple of years we have spoken with many of you and one thing we often heard from suppliers was: “Please, give us orders instead of more inquiries”.  With this goal in mind, we added the order module. Thanks to all experienced Pharmacists, Purchase- and Sales professionals who helped us to build and test this new module with all the necessary tools to create the perfect deal between Buyer and Supplier.

Besides the experience of our network, we used new laws and regulations, modern technology and inspiration from tech companies like Google, Spotify and Airbnb to simplify this process.


What’s new?

  • From inquiry to order
    Buyers are able to send orders directly to the supplier of their choice

  • Validation
    During the order process, we will start a thorough Quality and Financial validation of the Buyer and Supplier so both parties can feel safe doing business with new companies.

  • No order no pay
    Buyers and suppliers can make use of all our features of the website for free.

  • Safe transactions
    With Pharmaoffer Secure Payment (PSP) we will pay the supplier after the buyer has received their shipment.

  • Share your account
    Invite your colleagues to share your company account.

  • Get Pharmaoffer points by updating your company page and handling orders. The more points you achieve, the higher your rating will be. Suppliers with a high rating are ranked higher on the result page and the rating of Buyers will be visible to Suppliers during the process of
     Member rating

    request an offer.
  • Helicopter view
    New dashboard with all the tools you need to get everything out of your account.


If you have any questions about our website, please feel free to ask.