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It is important for you to know who you will be doing business
with. That’s why we validate all Suppliers and Buyers
in a financial and a quality (QA/QC) check. After the Buyer
and the Supplier both have confirmed the order, we will
validate both parties. This process only happens during your
first order, so after the validation is complete you’re good to
go! For narcotics, we have an additional validation.


As a platform, we are legally obliged to establish the trustworthiness
and legitimacy of Buyers and Suppliers in a
process called “customer due diligence” or “know your customer”.
During this validation process both the Buyer and
Supplier will submit financial related information and quality
(QA/QC) related information.


We will validate the submitted information and will inform
each party of the outcome of the validation. Communication
is key during this process! If the validation is positive
we will be able to process your order through our platform.
Buyers or Suppliers who don’t pass the validation will be
removed from our platform. In order to make sure you are
dealing with trustworthy companies.



Do you have any questions regarding our validation process? Feel free to contact us.



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