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We know it can be a ton of work to compare suppliers in what raw materials they offer and in which quality.

That’s why we created Pharmaoffer: so you can easily compare the availability of a certain product between suppliers, in what quality it is offered and to be able to download certificates such as CoA, GMP, ISO, et cetera. The actual purchase order is also placed via the Pharmaoffer platform, allowing you to keep track of your purchase orders and to manage the history of all orders you’ve placed.




Country of origin


Producer / Trader


Available certificates GMP, CEP, FDA etc.


Minimum order quantity


Average response time









We show all API suppliers worldwide
You can immediately find all qualified suppliers, no registration required


Use the filters to select only relevant suppliers
Select the country of origin, quality certificates (GMP, CEP, etc.) or to only show manufacturers


Chat messaging system
You can communicate with the supplier using our confidential chat system. You are in direct contact with the supplier 


Download certificates and start your validation
You can immediately download the CoA (if it's uploaded), furthermore, the supplier can also send you (confidential) documents in the chat


Send inquiries
You can send an inquiry to the supplier of your choice. Make sure you are as specific as possible about your requirements (such as base, salt, particle size, et cetera).
We'll send you a notification as soon as the supplier has sent you a reply

Send orders
Do the price and other conditions fit you? Then you can send a purchase order, add all your conditions and send it to the supplier.
The supplier will send you an order confirmation through our system including their conditions.

We perform an additional strict quality and financial validation of buyers and suppliers. You'll find more info regarding our validation process here.


Safe transactions
You're now ready to pay the order. All orders on Pharmaoffer are covered by the Pharmaoffer Guarantee. This means that you are sure that you'll receive the shipment.
The supplier can be sure he will receive the payment. For more info regarding the payment, click here





On Pharmaoffer, we do not have subscription-based members. Our entire platform with features such as searching for suppliers, comparing suppliers, downloading certificates et cetera are accessible without any cost.
By the way, we don't like advertisements so you won't find them either.

What’s in it for Pharmaoffer?

Good question. Well, it is only when a purchase order gets fully processed through Pharmaoffer, that we charge our service fee to the supplier. You pay the order in advance and after you have received the shipment, we pay the Supplier the total order amount minus our 3% service fee.

So, the entire website is free for you as a buyer!



It doesn't matter whether you use your desktop or your mobile phone. Sourcing new qualified suppliers for your pharmaceutical ingredients has never been so easy before. 


  • More choice
    Increase your network with all suppliers worldwide

  • Faster
    Save time by instantly downloading all qualified documents

  • Cheaper
    We cut out the traders without added value

  • Safer
    We validate the supplier

  • No trading risk
    We pay the supplier after you have received the shipment

  • Independent
    User-friendly and independent platform, free from advertisement

  • Your language
    Our database contains many synonyms of APIs, you can also search by CAS numbers


By using Pharmaoffer you have the largest network of API suppliers worldwide.
Looking for qualified suppliers (GMP, CEP, FDA, etc.)? Search now and get in direct contact with the supplier of your choice!

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