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Who we are

Pharmaoffer is a B2B platform where buyers and sellers of APIs can find each other. We want to give all medicine makers worldwide access to high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients. Inspired by companies such as Airbnb and, we make the market of API suppliers more transparent. Buyers know immediately where in the world they can find a specific API and most important: what kind of certificates such as GMP, CEP or, FDA does the suppliers have.

We believe, not being able to find the ingredients, should never be the reason for stopping the production of a certain medicine. With Pharmaoffer we want to fight the global medicine shortages and unnecessary high raw materials prices. We want to make it easier for compounders to produce medicines for people.

About the team

We are a mixed group of professionals with lots of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We have a strong belief that we can fight global medicine shortages by changing the API market. By using digital tools and a user-friendly user experience, we speed up the sourcing process and connect companies with each other. We love the benefits of digitization but we still think that personal contact will always play an essential role during the business.


How it all started

We came up with the idea in early 2016. We were frustrated about how difficult it was to find new API suppliers. It just happened too often that we couldn’t find a supplier for one of our customers while we didn’t know if the product was somewhere available in the world. In 2017 we registered Pharmaoffer in our hometown Haarlem which is a 20 minutes drive from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  There were already a couple of chemical search engines, but for a pharma buyer, just getting a list with 50 suppliers who can sell the chemical isn’t relevant. We knew that we had to show differences between all suppliers to make it work. During the first two years, we were entirely focused on building the platform and our unique databases.


 2019, the turning point

At the beginning of 2019, we started to grow rapidly. Purchasers from basically everywhere in the world started to use Pharmaoffer for their sourcing challenges. From the top 10 largest pharma companies to local pharmacies and hospitals and everything in between. We’ve experienced a change in the way pharmaceutical companies think.

The Corona outbreak gave a big boost to our activity. Our users have doubled. Many medicine producers were in a panic since they were forced to change suppliers because of shortages and lockdowns. Because of our digital solution, they were able to find the product they were looking for. We have just started, we want to reach all API buyers and suppliers worldwide and continue making our platform more convenient.


Pharmaoffer is a B2B platform where you can find all qualified API suppliers in one place