Find new clients

This is what the process looks like


Pharmaoffer is an online marketplace. Are you interested in finding new clients? This is what the process looks like on Pharmaoffer.

1. Register

Buyers can register for free as long as they are registering on behalf of a legal company related to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaoffer is validating all new buyers so you get inquiries only from serious pharma companies.

Pharmaoffer search bar

2. The result page

Buyers can search for APIs, Excipients and Intermediates. Our database carry a lot of API names so buyers can search in English, Latin, CAS number or other languages. The result page is the place where suppliers can distuinguish themselves from other suppliers. 

3. Receive inquiries

If the buyer has send an inquiry to you, you will receive an email from us. We’ll ask you to login so you can find all the details in your company dashboard. You are now free to go to chat with the buyer. We will show all relevant information from the buyer like their company name, website, and contact person.

This is the Pharmaoffer inquiry form where you can send inquiries for APIs directly to the producer

 4. Send an offer

If you want to do business with the buyer, you can send your price offer. Our platform is build dedicated for the API business so you can put all the details in the offer as usual.

5. Purchase order

YES! You’ve received the purchase order. Even the order process is facilitated by us. But, to keep it simple, the order is settled directly between the buyer and you.

Contact us if you have more questions about the order process.

Lead generation only

Do you want to be listed on Pharmaoffer and make benefit from all marketing features but want to settle orders by email? As part of the Premium package, we offer the possibility to use Pharmaoffer as a lead generation platform only. This means that communication and orders between you and buyers can be settled outside our platform. Reach out to us and we’ll explain the possibilities.

Interested in selling your products on Pharmaoffer?