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Ammar Badwy
| Posted on October 29, 2019

Visiting the CPhI? Check out these 10 tips.

With just a few days to go, it’s time to start preparing for the CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt. I’ve spoken to some CPhI-die-hards and have some handy tips that’ll help you survive the CPhI:

1. The visit

No matter what the purpose of your visiting the CPhI is, whether it is finding the perfect new supplier, finally meeting face-to-face with that relation you’ve been working with for years, or just adding to your already sizeable collection of free pens and post-its, it is essential to schedule your visit. Time flies at the CPhI, so ensure you have a daily or hourly to-do list.

2. The time schedule

The CPhI is enormous! That supplier you’ve meant to visit is in hall 2, right? Or was it Hall 7? Make sure you map out where you want to go and consider making appointments with people you don’t want to miss out on seeing at the CPhI.

Doors open at 09:30, but don’t be fooled by this early hour; sometimes it’s better to set appointments a bit later as it can take some time to get through the mass of people. Consider taking along your Nordic Walking poles for all the hiking you’ll do from stand to stand.

3. The cultures

Good afternoon, Guten Tag and Namasté. The CPhI is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, which makes it fun to meet new people! However, different cultures mean different ways of connecting with people.

Take some time to read up on the culture of the people you’re planning to meet, it’s the polite thing to do.

4. The conversation

See something at a booth that sparks your interest? Don’t hesitate; go ahead and ask whatever comes to mind.

The people behind the booth are there to inform you about their product, and you are more than welcome to ask questions at most booths.

Tell them what you’re hoping to learn from them; it’ll help them get to the point sooner rather than later.

5. The business card

You’ll leave the conference with more than you’ve brought yourself: business cards.

Still, though, it is key to bring more than enough business cards and to always hand one over after a conversation/meet-up.

Finding people and being able to be found after the conference is over is very important. You could write down some keywords of what you’ve discussed on the back of the business card to avoid forgetting typically what it was about!

6. The weight

As with every conference, the booths are well-stocked with promotional material, flyers, and magazines. In addition, the people at the stand are always keen to hand these out.

Think about the weight you have to carry around all day, though! Be selective with what you accept, and don’t feel bad to refuse a flyer. Only accept what you’re actually going to read. Mother nature would also be very thankful if we didn’t waste paper.

7. The comfort

Climbing a mountain is nothing compared to a day at the CPhI. You’ll spend most of your walking and standing, so make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t wear those shiny new shoes that aren’t broken in yet, but wear the pair that makes you feel like you’re standing on a cloud.

If you plan on taking lots of merchandise or promotional material, consider bringing a trolley case.

8. The device

These days, life without a smartphone is unimaginable for most people. Use your personal device to your benefit at the CPhI, for example, by taking pictures of any info at booths you’d normally write down. Also, don’t forget to snap a quick selfie for the people back home. You might need a portable charger, though! If you feel like sharing bits about your company or the company you work at, you could prepare a small presentation or show your company’s typically website to the person behind the booth.

9. The evening program

And now for the good part: dinner! Some suppliers will invite you to dinner before the CPhI even starts, but you could also be invited to the conference. Take a moment to forget about work and enjoy the local cuisine. Could you let me know the person behind the company? If you don’t feel like dining with suppliers, take some time beforehand to find local restaurants by checking out TheFork or TripAdvisor.

10. The end of the journey

You’re back home after the CPhI and have taken some time to rest again. Now, what’s next? Why not add people you’ve spoken to or accepted business cards from on LinkedIn? Follow up on conversations or proposals you’ve discussed; now is the time to achieve what brought you to CPhI in the first place.

As co-founder of, I believe in a digital environment’s benefits. However, in my opinion, meeting your partners face to face will always be extremely valuable.

And there you have it! These are our ten tips on getting through the CPhI conference. What have you learned from your past experiences at the CPhI yourself? Please feel free to share any useful tips you can help others or to comment on the tips we have given you above.

See you at the CPhI!

Ammar Badwy

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