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This is our series of videos where we explain all sorts of pharma related topics to you, with our fresh and to-the-point explainer videos.



This is why the pharma industry is dependent on China

China is the largest exporter of ingredients used in medicines. This makes everyone dependent on China when it comes to medication. How has China managed to achieve this market position?






This is the API market in a nutshell!

Sometimes we find ourselves lost for words when we want to explain to our friends or family what we do for a living and what our role in the pharmaceutical industry is.

Join Ammar in this video where he explains in layman's terms what the API market is to him.






5 things that will change the pharma market in the next 10 year

How business is done within the pharma market is ever-changing. What innovations can we expect?

In this second video of our explainer video series, we will shed light on what we think will change over the next decade.






How to digitize your API business

Even in the conservative pharmaceutical industry as we know it, we have noticed a trend of companies exploring the benefits of going digital.

In this first video of our explainer series, we will give you an insight on how to digitize your pharmaceutical API business.




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