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With over 120,000 monthly unique users and a growth rate of more than 70% in the last six months, Pharmaoffer is rapidly expanding. Our aim is to create a more transparent and accessible pharmaceutical industry by bringing together a vast network of users.

Looking to present your company to the Pharmaceutical industry world?
Discover all Pharmaoffer’s exciting advertising opportunities below and make way for growth!

Web Banners

Elevate Your Brand Visibility

Web banners are digital billboards strategically positioned to capture the attention of just the right customers to your company’s offer.

Unlike traditional billboards, our banners ensure maximum impact within your industry and an audience most likely to place an order from you.

Choose a banner package and campaign duration.

How it works?

Placement: Your prominent web banners are placed between the listings of companies on API and CDMO pages.

Visibility: Banners are displayed to site visitors each time these pages are viewed.

Customization: Select your banner package and campaign duration.

When to choose?

Increasing Brand Awareness: If your goal is to enhance visibility and recognition among industry professionals.


Banner Package Impressions Cost
Starter Package: 25,000 €2,000
Growth Package: 70,000 €5,000
Elite Package: 150,000 €10,000
Exclusive Package: 300,000 €18,000
Market Leader Package: 1,000,000 €50,000


*Impressions – the number of times your banner has been displayed.
*Share the desired duration of your package. For example, you want the Exclusive package divided over a campaign of 6 months.

Buyers Dashboard

Present in their Digital Space

Become the exclusive sponsor of our Buyers Dashboard with our Banner sponsorship opportunity.

As buyers navigate through their personal dashboard behind their login, your brand will be prominently featured, making it feel like a welcoming presence in their digital “home.”

How it works?

As buyers navigate through their personal dashboard behind their login, your brand will be prominently featured, making it feel like a welcoming presence in their digital “home.”

The banner includes your logo, a brief description of your services, and a call to action to direct users to your landing page or website.

When to choose?

This type of engagement is ideal for positioning your brand as a trusted partner where users spend significant time managing their activities. Being present in this digital space can enhance brand visibility and foster a sense of familiarity and trust among potential customers.


Exclusive Dashboard Presence: Secure a prominent spot on our Buyers Dashboard for €1,000 per month, ensuring your brand is the exclusive focus within this key user interface.

Minimum Engagement Term: Partner with us for a minimum of 6 months, allowing your brand to become a familiar and trusted presence as buyers regularly engage with their dashboard.

Press Release Package

Make a lasting impression on our followers

Our press release package offers a comprehensive solution for sharing your news professionally with a niche audience.

How it works?

Share your press release with us, and we will put it live on our platform. We can distribute your press release to our followers.

Go the extra mile:

Besides publishing your press release, we can write and publish an interesting article based on it in Pharmaoffer’s newsletter and LinkedIn for optimal reach and industry impact.

When to choose?

This is the best option to amplify your announcement’s reach and generate buzz around your company’s news.


Standard Package – €250: Your press release is posted on the Pharmaoffer website in the Press Releases section, ensuring visibility to site visitors.

Premium Package – €600: We publish your press release and distribute it with our newsletter and to LinkedIn followers for optimal reach and industry impact.

Go the extra mile – +€550: Include this to one of the packages above if you’d like your press release turn into an engaging story.


Be visible at the right moment

Our push notification service enables you to deliver timely messages to our users while they are actively engaging with our platform.

How it works?

Immediate action: A notification appears when a user is, for example, on a specific Pharmaoffer page or for more than 30 seconds, after scrolling, or even instantly upon page load.

Have a say in your visibility: You can select whether you want your campaign on all Pharmaoffer pages or for example, the pages of the APIs or services you offer.

Effective communication: Create a strong message with the right call to action.

When to choose?

Imagine offering a reduced price on a specific batch or inviting people to an event or webinar. This is the best option for direct marketing promotion. 


Focused Impact Package: Starting from €0.20 per notification, this package allows you to reach out to high-value clients actively searching for significant business opportunities.

Minimum Investment: Engage in a high-impact push-notification campaign with a minimum project budget of €1,000, ensuring your message is delivered to the most relevant audience.

Targeted Introductions

Let us introduce you to our clients

Are you looking to connect with your target audience and be fully introduced to new potential partners?

With the Targeted Introduction service, it’s just like “telling our friends about you” – in the best possible way.

How it works?

Direct message: We send an automatic message introducing you to our user via a push notification pop-up right in the middle of their screen.

Hyper-targeting: Whether you’re looking to meet purchasers from CDMOs within Europe or business developers from FDF companies in LATAM, we’ve got you covered by introducing you according to your preferences and requirements.

When to choose?

This is the right service for companies that want to reach a highly detailed market/target and get the right message to the right people at the right time.


Introductory Rate: Start connecting with key industry players at a rate of €4 per introduction.

Premium Audience Selection: Depending on the specificity and exclusivity of the audience you select, rates can go up to €40 per introduction to ensure highly targeted matching.

Minimum Commitment: Engage with a curated list of potential partners with a minimum project budget of €2,000, allowing for a broad reach within your selected audience parameters.

Explainer Videos

Showcase your Expertise

As part of our active content strategy, we produce informative Pharma explainer videos that our followers highly value. By sponsoring our videos, your message will be integrated into content that resonates with our audience, providing valuable exposure for your company.

How it works?

We’ll create a video about a topic relevant to your company and introduce you to our YouTube audience, portraying you as an industry expert while adding value to our audience. 

We will, in addition, tell our audience you sponsored the video and briefly explain what you are all about.

Example of sponsored video
See all our videos

When to choose?

This is the appropriate service to position your brand as an industry expert and add value to our audience’s experience by promoting your company meaningfully and engagingly. 


Flexible Pricing Options: Sponsorship of our Pharma explainer videos is available within a range of €2,000 to €5,000, depending on the level of integration and prominence of your brand in the content.

Tailored to Your Needs: Work with us to determine the depth of your message integration and the specific elements of your sponsorship within this price range.


Let us write about you

Sharing your story is essential in the pharma market, where personal relationships are paramount.

Every company has an intriguing story waiting to be told, and our team of content specialists is here to bring that narrative to life.

How it works?

First, we will interview a representative of your company. Then, through engaging language and compelling storytelling, we’ll craft an article highlighting your company’s expertise while showcasing the human side, building trust and credibility.

Once the article is finalized, it will be shared on our social media platforms, amplifying its reach and increasing brand awareness.

When to choose?

This is ideal for building trust and credibility within the industry and laying the foundation for meaningful relationships within it.


Comprehensive Service Rate: The complete service of interviewing, writing, and social media sharing is priced at €800 per interview. This includes the full process, from conducting the interview to crafting and promoting the final article.

Google Ads

Reach your business goals

With our Google Ads service, we can kickstart targeted advertising campaigns on Google or YouTube platforms. From search ads to video promotions, we’ve got you covered.

Reach out to our marketing specialists for a detailed consultation on how we can tailor these campaigns to suit your needs.

How it works?

After meeting with our SEA expert to comprehensively understand your company’s objectives and target audience, we place advertisements through specific keywords that your public actively searches for on Google to promote your page, generate leads, or enhance sales.

When to choose?

This is useful when you want to present your company to a bigger audience and are looking for increased visibility to get measurable results like lead generation and sales. 


Managed Budget Options:

    • €1,500 Budget
    • €3,000 Budget
    • €5,000 Budget

Service at No Extra Cost: Our Google Ads management service is provided free of charge. The budgets listed above represent the amount allocated for spending on Google Ads, not a fee paid to us.

Focused Investment: Your selected budget is fully utilized for your Google Ads campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and reach on the Google and YouTube platforms.

Home Page Sponsor

Be an industry leader

Elevate your brand to new heights with our Homepage Ad Placement. This prime spot on our homepage, which holds over 20.000 monthly views, resembles a coveted Super Bowl commercial without the hefty price tag. 😉 There’s no other competitor here, just your company.

How it works?

We place an advertisement of your company’s service on our homepage, including your company’s logo, description and a call-to-action that drives engagement directly to your landing page, or website.

When to choose?

This is a great option when you are looking for maximum exposure for your company. Whether you are looking to establish yourself as a household name or just keep your brand in your clients’ minds, the exceptional spot’s action-oriented nature makes it ideal for increasing sales.


Homepage Exclusive Sponsorship: Position your brand on our homepage, the most visited page of our platform, for €3,000 per month.

Full Website Sponsorship Option: Amplify your reach by opting for full website sponsorship, encompassing all pages of Pharmaoffer, for €10,000 per month. This option offers unparalleled visibility across the entire platform.

Social Media

Expand your reach

Our targeted social media promotion drives brand awareness and generates leads for your company. Whether through newsletters or LinkedIn, our platform offers a prime opportunity to connect with our engaged audience.

How it works?

Promote your company through targeted content or ads in our newsletters (5k subscribers), reaching our extensive subscriber base, or via our LinkedIn page (approx 7k followers)

When to choose?

Promoting on Social Media is the best option for extensive reach, brand visibility and lead generation.


LinkedIn Page Promotion: Promote your company on our LinkedIn page for €300.

Newsletter Inclusion: Amplify your reach by featuring in our newsletter, sent to our subscribers, for an additional €100.

Comprehensive Social Media Package: Opt for a complete social media promotion, which includes LinkedIn page promotion, newsletter feature, and additional LinkedIn Ads, for a total of €1,000. This comprehensive approach maximizes your brand visibility and lead generation potential across multiple channels.


Inbox sponsor

Your Message on Top

Unlock prime advertising space within the inquiry inbox of our buyers and suppliers with our Inquiries Sent List Promotion service. 

This strategic placement ensures your company’s message is at the forefront of communication between parties. With over 1,500 inbox impressions per month, this is a great place to show your authority.

How it works?

By placing your company in the inquiry inboxes of our engaged buyers and suppliers, we put your message at the forefront of communication between parties, ensuring you are the top choice. 

When to choose?

This is an excellent solution for driving brand awareness and generating leads in a hyper-focused but highly converting market.


Prominent Placement: Feature your company’s message prominently within the inquiry inboxes of our buyers and suppliers for €1,300 per month.

Duration and Commitment: Take advantage of this targeted advertising opportunity with a minimum contract term of 6 months, ensuring consistent and strategic visibility for your brand.

In-Article advertisement

Mentions in a blog

Elevate your brand by sponsoring mentions in our extensive collection of blogs and articles covering the most relevant topics in the pharmaceutical industry

With thousands of readers, you can choose to sponsor a specific blog post or an entire industry category

How it works?

Your company name and a brief description of your services, along with your contact information and a follow link to your website, will be included in the sponsored content.

When to choose?

Whether you choose to sponsor a specific post or a category, your company will benefit from exposure to our engaged audience of industry professionals, increasing reach, engagement and sales.


Tiered Sponsorship Options: Choose from different levels of sponsorship based on the popularity and readership of the blog article:

  • Bronze reach – €1,000/year: For articles averaging 5,000 views yearly.
  • Silver reach – €3,000/year: In posts averaging 10,000-15,000 annual views, drawing a larger audience.
  • Gold reach – €5,000/year: Exclusive mention in our most sought-after articles, those with over 15,000-20,000 views yearly, for the greatest impact.

Value-Added Exposure: Each tier includes your company name, a brief description of your services, contact details, and a follow link to your website within the sponsored blog content.

Select Your Article: Browse our Blog Overview to identify which posts align with your marketing strategy.

Email campaign

Reach your niche audience

Reaching out to a large audience can be challenging and costly.

That’s why we offer an email campaign to help you connect with the right audience in a budget-friendly way.

How it works?

Precision Targeting and Delivering:  We ensure that your message is delivered to everyone in your audience, with no exception.

For example, you can filter your target audience geographically by company type (FDF, compounding, CDMO), job title, or any other specific audience you are currently targeting.

Personalized Approach: This approach allows you to tailor your message to each of your audience members, which is crucial for building fruitful business relationships.

Direct communication: Unlike social media, email always reaches peoples’ inboxes. It is a direct channel for potential clients to respond to you directly.

When to choose?

Email campaign is useful when you know your audience, want to reach their inbox directly, and want to benefit from a third-party introduction on our part.


Base Package: Starting from €3,000, launch a targeted email campaign to a select group of recipients.
Customization Options: Further personalize your campaign with additional segmentation options, content customization, and scheduled delivery times at varied pricing tiers.
Volume Discounts: Take advantage of discounted rates per email for larger campaigns or multiple scheduled sends.
Note: The total cost may vary depending on the complexity of the campaign, the size of the target audience, and additional customization requirements. logo

Custom Partnership

A personalized approach

If you have unique ideas on how your product or service aligns with the APIs or suppliers on our platform, we’re here to help bring those ideas to life.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

How it works?

What we can do for you:

Our Custom Partnership service is designed to cater to your specific needs and objectives.

Ready to explore the possibilities of a Custom Partnership?

When to choose?

Whether you’re looking to integrate your product with our platform, collaborate on a joint marketing campaign, or explore other creative ventures, we’re committed to crafting a customized partnership that maximizes value for all parties involved.


As each Custom Partnership is unique, we will first work on a plan that will make you enthusiastic. After that, we will quote. logo

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