Exhibitor at the CPhI India 2018? Check out these 10 tips

With the kick-off to the event getting closer and closer, we thought it might be a good idea to highlight some tips for those who are “hosting” the CPhI: the exhibitors.

This year might be the first time your company has its own stand at the CPhI, maybe your company has been there since the beginning of the event over 25 years ago. We hope that nonetheless these tips will be of value to you and your company.

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Are they working today on the other side of the world?

We all want to receive a reply to our email 30 seconds after we have sent it. But if you are globally focused it can be midnight in the country of your contact or even worse, weekend. Not all countries work from Monday to Friday, so what are the international working days? And how many hours a week are our fellow creatures at the office on the other side of the world? Also for marketing professionals, it's important to know whether their ad or content for their targeted audience will be posted on a working day or in the weekend. To make life easier we have created a list of all working days of each country.

For the local time of each place, you can use this website.

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How to create the perfect elevator pitch

What is your name and what are you doing? It’s a casual question but in fact, this is a really important opportunity, not only to introduce yourself but also to create new business. Make sure you always have your elevator pitch available.

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5 Things successful salespeople do to sell more APIs


Selling APIs or Excipients to other pharmaceutical companies can be quite a challenge, but can also be rewarding once you make a good deal or when you notice that your B2B sales are increasing. If you want to increase your sales here are some tips that will definitely help you become more efficient in closing good deals - simply by learning how to show your value to your prospects. There is only one thing on the mind of your prospect - is the salesperson able to fix our problems? If the answer is no, your deal is definitely off! Always think of how to create value for your prospects.


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We've got some great news to share with you!


We are very excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. This is the largest update since the beginning of Pharmaoffer in 2016.
When we started working on this huge update over a year ago, we had one major goal in mind: To speed up the entire order process from sourcing until delivery of APIs and Excipients between well-qualified buyers and suppliers.

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