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Tim Verbeek
| Posted on September 25, 2020

5 things all salespeople are allergic to and what to do about it

The most influential people in the world are those capable of closing a good deal. No matter what you are trying to sell, if you can sell- the sky’s the limit. Every industry is different, some products sell quickly, but selling APIs or Excipients require most of the time months of investments in the relationship. Salespeople can make a huge difference in getting all or nothing. But, life in sales can be frustrating too. The purpose of this article is not to add an insult to injury, but to help. How? Sometimes, knowing that you are not alone can help. Finding out that others in the business are fighting similar battles can be comforting.


1. Buyers who are only interested in receiving free samples

We all know there is no such thing as a prospect who is promising you the moon. First, they need a free sample of the pharmaceutical ingredient. You might think that if the customer is testing the sample, they will buy it as soon as the results are getting approved. But instead of a deal or just a slight hint of what he or she thinks about the possibility of cooperation- nothing happens. Absolutely nothing! And there you are, at square one again. Should you try again? Or not? Is it a red flag? It can be so frustrating! Make sure you have discussed all the details of the inquiry before sending samples, you can also choose to charge your potential customer for the sample. As soon as he is placing the order, you’ll give the price for the sample as a discount.


2. Dear diary…

Typing reports are time-consuming. Does anyone read them anyway? Most likely not! However, someone thought it would be a good idea to make you spend an hour or so every day to write down everything you have done during working hours. With technological advancements (speech recognition), writing reports can be a lot easier nowadays. Just record a summary of your meeting, change the wrong words, and you are done. There are many apps and software that you can use. Here you’ll find a tutorial for a free tool that is available on all Microsoft computers.


3. Pointless meetings

Nothing feels so frustrating as sitting in a meeting room for hours. Salespeople hate meetings because it takes time away from selling. Long and pointless meetings can also turn out in a negative mindset which is something Salespeople want to stay far away from. Playing Angry Birds can make the time go faster although it’s not so appropriate to your colleagues. Most of the time you are probably not leading the meeting, but you can still influence the situation. Ask before you start what the goal of the meeting is so you can always refer to it when it’s taking too long.


4. You can’t compete with the sales manager’s best buddy

It happens- after all, it’s not about what you know but who do you know. The guy from your team somehow gets more leads from a manager, his contracts are big, and your assignments are always dull, or you get to deal with demanding customers. After some time, you find out the guy, and the manager are best buddies since college. Some people have an unfair advantage, and if the wind to their back is too strong, turn your sails towards other horizons. Personal relationships will always be there. Relax and accept it, believe in yourself, and your competences will at the end prevail.


5. Bad vibes at the office

No one is immune to micromanagers. There is a fine line between being a supportive manager and a micromanager. Also, long, dull company meetings and pessimism at the workplace are as toxic as micromanagers. There is no such thing as a perfect working environment, but sometimes the negative vibes can be overwhelming.
There’s always a risk of hurting your superior’s feelings by pointing out he or she is a micromanager, but don’t hesitate to talk if you feel the pressure. To succeed in big, bulky corporate models of business, you have to be goal-oriented, to have a keen eye for details, to be patient, and be able to work under pressure. See it as a game, if it was too easy, everyone could do it.

The business is simple- you either mold it to your convenience or mold to fit someone other’s convenience. Words are your weapon, pick them wisely!


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