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Looking for Primaquine API 90-34-6?

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Neo-quipenyl , Primachin , Primachinum , Primaquin , Primaquina , Primaquinum  
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About Primaquine

Learn more about Primaquine. An aminoquinoline that is given by mouth to produce a radical cure and prevent relapse of vivax and ovale malarias following treatment with a blood schizontocide. It has also been used to prevent transmission of falciparum malaria by those returning to areas where there is a potential for re-introduction of malaria. Adverse effects include anemias and GI disturbances.

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Primaquine is a type of Antimalarial

The Antimalarial category of pharmaceutical APIs encompasses a range of active ingredients used in the development of drugs to treat and prevent malaria, a life-threatening infectious disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite. These APIs are crucial in formulating effective antimalarial medications.

One widely used API in this category is Artemisinin, derived from the Artemisia annua plant. It exhibits potent antimalarial properties and is a key component in various combination therapies. Another prominent API is Chloroquine, an aminoquinoline compound that has been historically used as a primary treatment for malaria. However, due to emerging drug resistance, alternative APIs like Mefloquine and Quinine have gained prominence.

These APIs work by interfering with the life cycle of the Plasmodium parasite. They inhibit various stages of parasite development, such as preventing the replication of the parasite's DNA and disrupting its metabolic processes. By targeting the parasite, antimalarial APIs help to control and eliminate the infection, reducing the severity of symptoms and preventing complications.

The development and production of high-quality antimalarial APIs require stringent quality control measures to ensure their safety and efficacy. Pharmaceutical companies adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to guarantee the purity, stability, and bioavailability of these APIs. Additionally, ongoing research aims to discover new antimalarial APIs and formulations to combat drug resistance and improve treatment outcomes.

In conclusion, the Antimalarial category of pharmaceutical APIs plays a vital role in the formulation of drugs used to treat and prevent malaria. These APIs, such as Artemisinin, Chloroquine, Mefloquine, and Quinine, effectively target the Plasmodium parasite, aiding in the management and eradication of malaria infections.

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  • Ipca Labs. from India, product country of origin India

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