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I'm a buyer

Pharmaoffer is free for Buyers. Suppliers can also make use of our platform for free, however Pharmaoffer will payout to the Supplier the entire order amount minus 3% service fee.
The entire platform with all its features is free of any charge for Buyers.
On the home page you may enter any API or Excipient name or cas-number. After you have selected the search button you will be shown the result page. To sent an inquiry simply select the “Send inquiry” button on the right side of the Supplier of your choice.
You will receive an offer from the Supplier. Pharmaoffer is not involved in any inquiry or order.
You place your order via the Pharmaoffer platform directly with the Supplier of your choice.
Certificates of analysis, or CoA, can be downloaded after signing in.
By using check marks we show which documents are available. If you want to download them you will have to ask permission of the supplier which can be done by sending an inquiry. Green checkmarks mean that the supplier has uploaded already the document.The certificate of analysis however is always available to download.
Pharmaoffer checks the documents to make sure that, for instance, someone hasn't uploaded a blank file, but it's the buyers responsibility to validate and approve the documents and the supplier.
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I'm a supplier

Pharmaoffer is free for Buyers. Suppliers can also make use of our platform for free, however Pharmaoffer will payout to the supplier the entire order amount minus 3% service fee.
Yes, you can register as a producer or trader and add your products.
Please send an e-mail to and we will contact you promptly.
You can earn Pharmaoffer points by completing your company dashboard and settling orders. For recurring orders, you’ll receive even more points. Suppliers with the most points will be on top of the result page.
No, only CoA's are downloadable for everyone. Buyers need your explicit permission to download documents like GMP & ISO.
Yes you can! You can invite your colleagues in your company dashboard.
Users will see that it's available, yet only after logging in they will be able to download it.
Yes, please send an e-mail to and we'll help you out.
Your product will only be visible for others after uploading the certificate of analysis for that product.
Of course, make sure you register as a trader and upload quality related documents of the producer for each product.
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We have made the entire order process faster, easier and safer.
Yes, it’s possible to add all the conditions you want during the order process for both Buyer and Supplier.
Placing an order is absolutely free of any charge.
There are two possibilities, Ex-works (EXW) and Carriage and Insurance Paid (CIP) to the place of your choice.
Yes, this is possible if you have the right qualifications and certificates. All narcotic orders have to pass our strict Narcotic Validation.
Yes anyone can do this, but remember after confirmation of the order both the Buyer and the Supplier will have to pass the Financial and Quality Validation by Pharmaoffer.
It's up to Buyer and Supplier how the shipment will be insured. Pharmaoffer doesn't offer insurances.
As soon as possible contact Supplier and inform Pharmaoffer about your problem.
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As a Buyer you have to pay to Pharmaoffer. We will handle the payment in a process we call “Pharmaoffer Secure Payment”. By doing so, we can guarantee a safe and trustworthy payment settlement of the order.
You can only pay the proforma invoice by Wire transfer (SEPA or SWIFT). Detailed payment instructions will be shown during the process.
Payment condition of the order is always T/T in advance.
Before payout to the Supplier is executed, Pharmaoffer will verify with the Buyer if the shipment is under control of the Buyer and is received in good order according to the previously agreed conditions.
With regard to the Proforma invoice, the Buyer will pay all banking and transfer costs. With regard to the Pay-out to the Supplier, Pharmaoffer will pay all banking and transfer costs.
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