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Looking for Gelatin Succinylated API ?

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Gelatin Succinylated 
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Gelatin Succinylated is a type of Other cardiac agents

The category of other cardiac agents in the pharmaceutical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) industry encompasses a diverse range of substances that play a crucial role in cardiovascular health. These agents are designed to target specific mechanisms within the cardiovascular system to either treat or manage various cardiac conditions. While they may not fall under the more well-known categories such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers, they are equally significant in addressing cardiovascular disorders.

One prominent example of an API in this category is ivabradine, which acts as a selective inhibitor of the If current in the sinoatrial node. This unique mechanism allows it to reduce heart rate without affecting other cardiovascular parameters, making it particularly useful in managing stable angina or chronic heart failure.

Another notable API in this category is ranolazine, which exhibits a multi-modal mechanism of action involving inhibition of late sodium channels, resulting in improved myocardial ischemia and decreased angina episodes. It is commonly used in patients with chronic angina who have not adequately responded to other antianginal agents.

Furthermore, agents like trimetazidine, which possesses anti-ischemic and metabolic properties, and molsidomine, a nitric oxide donor, contribute to the category's diversity. They offer additional treatment options for angina and other related cardiac disorders.

The inclusion of these agents in the other cardiac agents category underscores the continuous efforts to develop novel pharmaceutical APIs that address specific cardiovascular conditions. Their distinct mechanisms of action provide healthcare professionals with a broader spectrum of therapeutic options for managing heart-related diseases.


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  • Asahi Gelatine from Japan, product country of origin Japan

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