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About Eldecalcitol

Want to know what Eldecalcitol is used for? Eldecalcitol (ED-71), a vitamin D analog, is a more potent inhibitor of bone resorption than alfacalcidol in an estrogen-deficient rat model of osteoporosis. Eldecalcitol, effectively and safely increased lumbar and hip bone mineral density (BMD) in osteoporotic patients who also received vitamin D3 supplementation.

More information such as the structure, indication or toxicity is available on Drugbank, click the ID above.

Eldecalcitol is a type of Vitamin D analogues

Vitamin D analogues belong to the pharmaceutical category of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and are widely used in the medical field. These analogues are synthetic compounds designed to mimic the effects of natural vitamin D, a vital nutrient for human health. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining proper bone health, regulating calcium and phosphorus levels, and supporting the immune system.

Pharmaceutical companies produce various types of vitamin D analogues, each with distinct properties and applications. These analogues are designed to target specific receptors in the body, mimicking the actions of natural vitamin D. By interacting with these receptors, vitamin D analogues can effectively regulate calcium absorption and metabolism, promoting optimal bone health.

One of the significant advantages of using vitamin D analogues as APIs is their enhanced stability and bioavailability compared to natural vitamin D. This allows for better control over dosage and ensures consistent therapeutic effects. Moreover, pharmaceutical-grade analogues undergo rigorous quality control measures to guarantee their purity, safety, and efficacy.

Medical professionals prescribe vitamin D analogues to patients with vitamin D deficiencies, osteoporosis, psoriasis, and other related conditions. These APIs are available in various formulations, including oral tablets, capsules, and topical creams, allowing for flexible and convenient administration.

In summary, vitamin D analogues are a vital category of pharmaceutical APIs widely used to address vitamin D deficiencies and related health conditions. Their synthetic nature, enhanced stability, and targeted actions make them an effective option for maintaining bone health and supporting overall well-being.

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  • Apino Pharma Co., Ltd. from China

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