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From Vision to Reality:
The Developers Behind Pharmaoffer’s Platform

Tânia Marante | Posted on July 04, 2024

Introduction is more than just an online directory. It is a glimpse of what’s to come for the slow-to-adapt pharmaceutical industry. And the backbone of our platform? A committed in-house innovation team made of development and product specialists who know how to tackle the challenges related to the platform itself, stay up to date with new technologies and implement the necessary changes for’s growth and efficiency.

Team Dynamics and Vision

In this blog, we delve into the mechanics of our innovation team to talk to Product Owner David Blok and Full Stack Developer Sorin Ionescu to explore the team’s daily life operating a 24/7 platform.

David Blok

Product Owner

“Unlike most pharma companies, our product is the platform itself” — says David, explaining that Pharmaoffer is a SaaS solution, meaning Software as a Service, made specifically for the pharmaceutical sector.


“Our development team is dedicated to maintaining and actively enhancing the platform through new features and robust functionalities that address our users’ unique needs” he adds.


Recent Platform Enhancements

Talking about features, it was our cue to find out what’s new with our platform. The team explained that the latest changes are related to making it easy for buyers to contact API suppliers while maintaining (and increasing) the lead quality for the suppliers.

“These improvements can make initiating contact and maintaining communication through our platform easier, significantly improving user engagement and satisfaction,” they explained.

    Daily Operations and Collaboration

    When asked about their day-to-day operations, our team described starting each day with a stand-up meeting to discuss progress and strategize on upcoming tasks, which they prioritize by communicating among developers and across departments.

    Sorin Ionescu
    Fullstack Developer

    “We interact with sales and marketing to ensure user feedback and needs are on the team’s priority agenda so we can continually enhance our platform’s user experience,” stated Sorin.

    Integrating feedback from all fronts ensures that the platform meets and exceeds user expectations, making our users an integral part of our development process.

    Advantages of an In-House Team

    We then shifted gears and asked about the reasons for having an in-house development team. Choosing to build a development team is very beneficial to Pharmaoffer for many reasons.

    One big reason the innovation team described is that it reacts swiftly to technological changes and new market demands while aligning closely with Pharmaoffer’s long-term goals and philosophy.

    “Having a team means we can quickly redirect our strategy and implement changes without the lag time typically involved with external personnel,” they both explained.




    “Adapting on the fly is important in our regulation-bound pharmaceutical context,” they reinforced.

    David responds to every request to the development team.


    Commitment and Security

    Another reason to have a team present is that they are inevitably more committed to the platform’s integrity and longevity. They maintain a rigorous standard of quality and consistency simply because they are as invested in the product’s success as the company itself. How does this commitment show in their daily life?

    “We use the best-performing tools to ensure our system’s scalability and robustness. Our team uses the agile methodology, which provides the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to address issues swiftly and efficiently,” said Sorin.



    “This robust infrastructure can really support our growth without compromising the high quality our users expect.”

    Sorin, ensuring the scalability and robustness of our system.

    As David explained, the team develops each feature and deploys every update, ensuring that security is included and integrated into the architecture of Pharmaoffer’s solutions.

    Industry Challenges and Future Outlook

    For our last topic, we discussed the industry challenges. Navigating the digital transformation within the pharmaceutical industry is a complex endeavor with its own unique challenges.

    “We are constantly reminded of how traditional many pharmaceutical systems are. This makes our role a lot more than coding: we need to meet our users where they are and understand their specific constraints to progressively turn them into an opportunity to optimize,” the team explained.


    “By doing so, we’ve modernized essential operations, making it easier for our users to conduct business in a transparent and comfortable way.”

    Looking forward, the journey of digitalizing the pharmaceutical industry is far from over. But our team is dedicated to transforming mindsets one user at a time. Join us and follow’s journey below.

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