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API | Excipient name:
Zinc L-carnosine , beta-alanyl-l-histidinato zinc  
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About Polaprezinc

Why are people looking for Polaprezinc? Polaprezinc is a chelated form of zinc and L-carnosine. It is a zinc-related medicine approved for the first time in Japan, which has been clinically used to treat gastric ulcers. It was determined that polaprezinc may be effective in pressure ulcer treatment. A study in 2013 showed that CO-administration of polaprezinc may be effective against small intestine mucosal injury associated with long-term aspirin therapy.

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Polaprezinc is a type of Other gastrointestinal agents


Polaprezinc (Other gastrointestinal agents), classified under Gastrointestinal Agents

Gastrointestinal Agents belong to the pharmaceutical API category that focuses on treating disorders and ailments related to the digestive system. These agents play a crucial role in addressing various gastrointestinal conditions, such as acid reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

One of the key types of gastrointestinal agents is proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which work by reducing the production of stomach acid. PPIs help in treating conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and peptic ulcers. Another essential class of agents is antacids, which neutralize excessive stomach acid, providing relief from heartburn and indigestion.

Gastrointestinal agents also include antispasmodics that alleviate abdominal cramps and spasms associated with conditions like IBS. These drugs work by relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. Additionally, there are drugs categorized as laxatives that aid in relieving constipation by promoting bowel movements.

Moreover, certain gastrointestinal agents act as antiemetics, effectively reducing nausea and vomiting. These drugs are particularly useful for patients undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing motion sickness.

Pharmaceutical companies develop and manufacture a wide range of gastrointestinal agents in various forms, including tablets, capsules, suspensions, and injections. These agents are typically formulated using active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other excipients to ensure their efficacy and safety.

In conclusion, gastrointestinal agents form a vital category of pharmaceutical APIs, providing relief from digestive disorders and improving overall gastrointestinal health. The availability of diverse agents catering to different conditions ensures that patients can receive targeted treatment for their specific gastrointestinal needs.

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  • Hamari Chemicals from Japan, product country of origin Japan

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