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Looking for Zolpidem 82626-48-0?

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Zolpidem , Zolpidemum , Zolpidem tartrate  
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About Zolpidem

Why are people looking for Zolpidem? Zolpidem, also known as Ambien, is a hypnotic drug that was initially approved by the FDA in 1992. Zolpidem improves sleep in patients with insomnia. It is aimed for use in patients with difficulties initiating sleep. This drug decreases the time to fall asleep (sleep latency), increases the duration of sleep, and decreases the number of awakenings during sleep in patients with temporary (transient) insomnia.

It is available in both immediate acting and extended release forms Its tolerability profile is favorable when administered according to the manufacturer’s instructions, with a low risk of drug withdrawal, drug dependence, and drug tolerance.

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