What is the Pharmaoffer Guarantee?


Our goal is to make business between new parties, businesses who have never done business with each other, easier and safer for all parties involved. We want to cover all orders on our platform with the Pharmaoffer Guarantee. This means that you can be 100% sure that you will receive the order (or a full refund of your money). 

To offer your this guarantee, we have introduced the Pharmaoffer Secure Payment. With this safe payment condition, we are able to cover all orders with the Pharmaoffer Guarantee. 

Payments on the platform are processed by our payment service provider Online Payment Platform. You can read more about them and the process on this page.


How does it work?

After you and the supplier have both confirmed the order, you will receive the proforma invoice and we’ll ask you to transfer the total invoice amount to the Pharmaoffer Secure Payment bank account number. To ensure full transparency in the ordering process, you and the supplier will receive a message when the funds have been received by Pharmaoffer Secure Payment.

Before pay-out to the supplier is executed, Pharmaoffer will verify with you if the shipment is under your control and is received in good order according to the previously agreed conditions. We do this by, on the scheduled delivery date, requesting you to confirm in your Pharmaoffer dashboard that the shipment is in your possession and all is well.

We will pay out the supplier within three working days after your delivery confirmation. In case you don’t respond within three workings days after the aforementioned request and haven’t opened a dispute, we will assume that the shipment is received in good order according to the agreed conditions. We will then proceed to transfer the funds to the supplier’s bank account within three working days.

“This means that you can be 100% sure that you will receive the order (or a full refund of your money)”

In case you have opened a dispute within the period of three working days after our request for information, the dispute will first need to be resolved before we will pay out the total order amount to the supplier.

You can read about this in full detail in article 7.5 of our ToS (Terms of Service).


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