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The process


Pharmaoffer is an online marketplace. You can find all the available suppliers in one place and it’s up to you which supplier you want to contact. Our platform is build dedicated for the API business. This is how it works:

1. Register

You can register for free as long as you are registering on behalf of a legal company related to the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Start your sourcing process

Search in the search bar the product that you’re looking for. We’ll show you an overview of all available suppliers. Use the filters to select the relevant suppliers only.

3. Send inquiries

Have you found interesting suppliers? Then it’s time to contact them. Use the send inquiry button and send them a message. You can send for each product, 3 inquiries per week. Make sure that you ask anything that is important to you such as the required certificates or information about the product, etc.

 4. Get an offer

Suppliers get notified by Pharmaoffer that they’ve received a new inquiry. They will come back to you with their questions, certificates, and offer in the chat on Pharmaoffer. We will send you an email in case of any news.

5. Purchase order

What we like about orders, is that it makes buyers and suppliers happy. You can send your purchase order to the supplier and hopefully this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship!


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So, what brings you here today?

Sourcing APIs

I’m looking for an overview of suppliers who meet my quality standards

I’m a supplier

I want to know more about promoting my products as a supplier

Just checking

I would like to know more about this online platform and the team behind it.

Pharmaoffer is a B2B platform where you can find all qualified API suppliers in one place