Do I have to pay to use Pharmaoffer?


No, you don’t. On Pharmaoffer, we do not have subscription-based buyers accounts. Our entire platform with features such as searching for suppliers, comparing suppliers, downloading certificates et cetera are accessible without any cost. By the way, we don’t like advertisements so you won’t find them either.

But, if everything is for free, what’s in it for Pharmaoffer?

That is a good question, which we’ll answer here. Our vision is to give all medicine makers easy access to affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients. Thus, we have decided to offer all our services to buyers for free. So not only big pharma companies can make use of it, but also small pharmacies and compounders everywhere in the world.

To keep our website running, up-to-date and safe, we do make a lot of costs. We want to be transparent to you about our business model. Suppliers can pay for a premium membership that improves their exposure on Pharmaoffer, for example on the result page. They pay a monthly fee for showing their company logo, having a company page and for a higher ranking on the result page. We also charge a small transaction fee to suppliers on orders they receive through Pharmaoffer.

It’s important for us to prove our added value to suppliers by providing good communication and successful orders. That’s why we ask all our users to keep the communication on our platform. Only then we can keep the platform free for buyers and can we offer our guarantee in case of a failed delivery.