What we do

Pharmaoffer is an online marketplace for pharmaceutical raw materials. We know how important the right qualifications are and that's why we focus on the difference between suppliers. We show all the relevant information in a clear and easy-to-use portal where buyers and suppliers are able to communicate with each other. This is an example of our result page:

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Supplier benefits

  • Show the world which products you can deliver
  • Receive new offer requests
  • Use our direct messaging system to talk business
  • Your qualifications (GMP, ISO, FDA etc.) will be shown on our result page by check marks
  • Potential customers can always download your certificate of analysis
  • Potential customers can also, after your approval, download other quality certificates
    (the more certificates you upload for each product, the higher your company is ranked on the result page)


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What's in it for Pharmaoffer

We believe that our platform can make our lives easier, for buyers as well as suppliers. Our goal is to serve the whole pharmaceutical ingredients market that's why we offer besides a professional and premium account, also free accounts. The different subscriptions are our only way of income, we are a fair platform and we want to keep it free from any advertisements.

Our team

 We are a group of young professionals with lots of experience in the pharmaceutical and digital services.

David      Ammar Badwy      Caspar      Niels      Bart



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