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Kraeber & Co GmbH

MOQ: 5 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: Germany

Type: Producer
Origin: Germany

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About Aprotinin

So, what does it do? Aprotinin is a protein-based drug that is also known as bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI). Since it demonstrates the capacity to slow fibrinolysis, it has been employed to reduce bleeding during complex surgery such as heart and liver surgery. For this use, it is typically administered by injection. The goal of using of aprotinin was subsequently to minimize end-organ damage resulting from hypotension due to blood loss in surgery and to reduce the necessity for blood transfusions during surgery.

Nevertheless, the drug was formally withdrawn worldwide in May of 2008 after studies confirmed that its use enhanced the risk of complications or death. The substance is consequently made available only for very restricted research use.

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  • Kraeber & Co GmbH from Germany
  • Bayer from Germany

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