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Type: Trader
Origin: Germany

Type: Trader
Origin: United States
United States

Type: Producer
Origin: Germany
Umicore Argentina

Type: Producer
Origin: Argentina

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API | Excipient name:
Arsenic trioxide 
Acide Arsenieux, Anhydride Arsenieux, Arseneous anhydride, Arseneous oxide, Arseni Trioxydum, Arsenic Blanc, Arsenic oxide, Arsenic Oxidearsenous Trioxide, Arsenic sesquioxide, Arsenic(III) oxide, Arsenicum album, Arsenigen Saure, Arsenious Acid, Arsenious Acid Anhydride, Arsenious Trioxide, Arsenolite, Arsentrioxide, Diarsenic trioxide, Oxyde Arsenieux, Tetraarsenic hexaoxide, White arsenic  
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About Arsenic trioxide

Here, you can find what Arsenic trioxide is used for, in short. Arsenic trioxide is a chemotherapeutic agent of idiopathic function used to treat leukemia that is unresponsive to first line agents. It is suspected that arsenic trisulfide induces cancer cells to undergo apoptosis. In general, arsenic is known to be a naturally toxic substance capable of eliciting a variety of dangerous adverse effects. The enzyme thioredoxin reductase has recently been identified as a target for arsenic trioxide.

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  • TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients from Germany
  • ChemWerth from United States
  • Heraeus from Germany
  • Umicore Argentina from Argentina

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