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5N Plus Luebeck GmbH

Type: Producer
Origin: Germany
JINLAN Pharm-Drugs Technology Co., Ltd.

MOQ: 1 g
Type: Producer
Origin: China

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Bismuth subgallate 
Basic Bismuth Gallate, Bismuth Oxygallate, Bismutum Subgallicum, Gallic Acid Bismuth Basic Salt, 202-742-2  
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About Bismuth subgallate

Learn more about Bismuth subgallate. Bismuth subgallate is a yellow colored substance that presents as an odorless powder that undergoes discoloration when exposed to sunlight. It is a heavy metal salt of gallic acid that is highly insoluble and poorly absorbed. Possessing protective effects on the gastric mucosa, strong astringent effects, and not as yet elucidated antimicrobial and hemostatic actions, bismuth subgallate is most commonly available as an over-the-counter internal deodorant where it is often employed as the primary active ingredient.

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  • JINLAN Pharm-Drugs Technology Co., Ltd. from China
  • 5N Plus Luebeck GmbH from Germany

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