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Hunan Bitian Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

MOQ: 1 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Sichuan Xieli

MOQ: 1 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Chengdu ChenLv Herb Co.,Ltd.

MOQ: 100 g
Type: Producer
Origin: China

Looking for Cytisine 485-35-8?

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Baptitoxine, Sophorine, Ulexin  
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About Cytisine

Here, you can find what Cytisine is used for, in short. Cytisine is an alkaloid naturally derived from the Fabaceae family of plants including the genera Laburnum and Cytisus. Recent studies have shown it to be a more effective and significantly more affordable smoking cessation treatment than nicotine replacement therapy. Also known as baptitoxine or sophorine, cytisine has been used as a smoking cessation treatment since 1964, and is relatively unknown in regions outside of central and Eastern Europe.

Cytisine is a partial nicotinic acetylcholine agonist with a half-life of hours. Recent Phase III clinical trials using Tabex (a brand of Cytisine marketed by Sopharma AD) have shown similar efficacy to varenicline, but at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Hunan Bitian Biotechnology Co.,Ltd from China
  • Chengdu ChenLv Herb Co.,Ltd. from China
  • Sichuan Xieli from China

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