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Czech Republic Teva API (Czech)
Type: Producer
Produced in: Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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Ergoloid mesylate 
co-dergocrine mesilate, co-dergocrine mesylate, co-dergocrine methanesulfonate, codergocrine mesilate, codergocrine mesylate, Dihydroergotoxine Mesilate, Dihydroergotoxine Mesylate, dihydroergotoxine methanesulfonate, Dihydroergotoxine Methanesulfonate, dihydroergotoxine methanesulfonates, dihydrogenated ergot alkaloids, Ergoloid Mesylates, ergoloid methanesulfonate, ergoloid methanesulfonates, hydrogenated ergot alkaloids  
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About Ergoloid mesylate

Here, you can find what Ergoloid mesylate is used for, in short. Ergoloid Mesylate is an equiproportional preparation of three different ergotamantriones: dihydroergocornine, dihydroergocristine, and dihydroergocryptine. All these components are produced by the fungus Claviceps purpurea and are all derivatives of the tetracyclic compound 6-methylergonovine. The derivatives of this fungus are identified to be about 350 different substances from which the components of the ergoloid mesylate mixture are composed of the dihydrogenated ergot alkaloid derivatives.

The mixture of ergoloid mesylate was first developed by Novartis and FDA approved on November 1953, but this specific formulation is now discontinued.Later in 1991, the mixture of ergoloid mesylates was retaken by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and approved by the FDA. To know more about the individual components of the ergoloid mixture, please visit Epicriptine, Dihydro-alpha-ergocryptine, Dihydroergocornine and Dihydroergocristine.

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