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    Germany TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients
    Type: Distributor
    Produced in: Germany
    Italy Cambrex
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Italy
    United States
    Slovenia KRKA
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Slovenia
    United States Apicore
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: United States
    Italy Farmabios
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Italy
    Spain Crystal Pharma (Curia)
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Spain
    Israel Teva API
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Israel

    Looking for Fludrocortisone 127-31-1?

    API | Excipient name:
    Fludrocortison, Fludrocortisona, Fludrocortisone, Fludrocortisonum, Fluohydrocortisone  
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    About Fludrocortisone

    Here, you can find what Fludrocortisone is used for, in short. Fludrocortisone is a synthetic mineralocorticoid used in conjunction with hydrocortisone to replace missing endogenous corticosteroids in patients with adrenal insufficiency1 It is functionally similar to aldosterone, the body's primary endogenous mineralocorticoid, and is structurally analogous to cortisol, differing only by a fluorine atom at the 9-position of the steroid structure - this fluorination is thought to be crucial to fludrocortisone's significant mineralocorticoid potency.

    More information such as the structure, indication or toxicity is available on Drugbank, click the ID above.

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    • TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients from Germany
    • Farmabios from Italy
    • Crystal Pharma (Curia) from Spain
    • Teva API from Israel
    • Apicore from United States
    • Cambrex from Italy
    • KRKA from Slovenia

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