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Italy S.I.M.S.
Type: Producer
Produced in: Italy
India Vital Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Type: Producer
Produced in: India
India Rpg Life Sciences
Type: Producer
Produced in: India
India Cadila Healthcare
Type: Producer
Produced in: India

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About Nicorandil

Here you will find more information about Nicorandil. Nicorandil is an orally efficacious vasodilatory drug and antianginal agent marketed in the UK, Australia, most of Europe, India, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. It is not an approved drug by FDA. It is a niacinamide derivative that induces vasodilation of arterioles and large coronary arteries by activating potassium channels.

It is often used for patients with angina who remain symptomatic despite optimal treatment ith other antianginal drugs. Nicorandil is a dual-action potassium channel opener that relaxes vascular smooth muscle through membrane hyperpolarization via increased transmembrane potassium conductance and increased intracellular concentration of cyclic GMP. It is shown to dilate normal and stenotic coronary arteries and reduces both ventricular preload and afterload.

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  • Vital Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. from India
  • S.I.M.S. from Italy
  • Cadila Healthcare from India
  • Rpg Life Sciences from India

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