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MOQ: 50 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: India
Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited

MOQ: 1 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Industriale Chimica

Type: Producer
Origin: Italy
Unnati Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Type: Trader
Origin: India
Dasami Labs Private Limited

MOQ: 5 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: India
Duke Chem

Type: Producer
Origin: Spain

Type: Producer
Origin: Italy
NGL Fine Chem

Type: Producer
Origin: India

Looking for Nitazoxanide 55981-09-4?

API | Excipient name:
Adrovet, Alinia, Nitaxozanid, Nitaxozanide, Nitazoxanida, Nitazoxanidum, Nodik, Omniparax  
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About Nitazoxanide

So, what does it do? Nitazoxanide belongs to the class of drugs known as thiazolides. Nitazoxanide (NTZ) is a broad-spectrum anti-infective drug that markedly modulates the survival, growth, and proliferation of a range of extracellular and intracellular protozoa, helminths, anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria, in addition to viruses. This drug is effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal infections including Cryptosporidium parvum or Giardia lamblia in healthy subjects. It is generally well tolerated.

Nitazoxanide is a first-line, standard treatment for illness caused by C. parvum or G. lamblia infection in healthy (not immunosuppressed) adults and children and may also be considered in the treatment of illnesses caused by other protozoa or helminths Recently, this drug has been studied as a broad-spectrum antiviral agent due to its ability to inhibit the replication of several RNA and DNA viruses.

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We have 8 companies offering Nitazoxanide from 4 different countries.

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  • Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited from China
  • Dasami Labs Private Limited from India
  • HEER PHARMA PVT. LTD. from India
  • Industriale Chimica from Italy
  • Unnati Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd from India
  • Cambrex from Italy
  • Duke Chem from Spain
  • NGL Fine Chem from India

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