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Looking for Pethidine 57-42-1?

API | Excipient name:
Isonipecaïne, Meperidine, Pethidin, Pethidine dbl, Pethidinum, Petidina, Petydyna, Sauteralgyl, Spasmedal, Spasmodolin, Pethidine hydrochloride  
Cas Number:
DrugBank number:
Unique Ingredient Identifier:

About Pethidine

Here is a short description about Meperidine. A narcotic analgesic that can be used for the relief of most types of moderate to severe pain, including postoperative pain and the pain of labor. Prolonged use may lead to dependence of the morphine type; withdrawal symptoms appear more rapidly than with morphine and are of shorter duration.

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