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Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited

MOQ: 1 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Pharmaflore (part of Fagron NV)

MOQ: 20 kg
Type: Trader
Origin: Belgium
Darou Pakhsh Pharma Chem. Co.

MOQ: 100 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: Iran
Jiangxi Tianxin Pharma

MOQ: 5 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: China
Sonia Organic

MOQ: 10 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: India
Prachi Pharmaceuticals

Type: Producer
Origin: India

Type: Producer
Origin: Germany

Looking for Thiamine 59-43-8?

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Aneurin, Antiberiberi factor, Thiamin, Thiamine, thiaminium, Vitamin B1, Thiamine hydrochloride, Thiamine nitrate  
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About Thiamine

More information about this product: Thiamine or thiamin, also known as vitamin B1, is a colorless compound with the chemical formula C12H17N4OS. It is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. Thiamine decomposes if heated. Thiamine was first discovered by Umetaro Suzuki in Japan when researching how rice bran cured patients of Beriberi.

Thiamine plays a key role in intracellular glucose metabolism and it is thought that thiamine inhibits the effect of glucose and insulin on arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation. Thiamine plays an important role in helping the body convert carbohydrates and fat into energy. It is essential for normal growth and development and helps to maintain proper functioning of the heart and the nervous and digestive systems. Thiamine cannot be stored in the body; however, once absorbed, the vitamin is concentrated in muscle tissue.

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  • Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited from China
  • Pharmaflore (part of Fagron NV) from Belgium
  • Sonia Organic from India
  • Darou Pakhsh Pharma Chem. Co. from Iran
  • Jiangxi Tianxin Pharma from China
  • Prachi Pharmaceuticals from India
  • Merck from Germany

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