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How does it work?

Pharmaoffer is an online marketplace for pharmaceutical raw materials. We know how important the right qualifications (QA/QC) are and that's why we focus on the difference between suppliers. We show all the relevant information in a clear and easy-to-use portal where buyers and suppliers are able to communicate with each other, to exchange certificates such as GMP and ISO and even to place actual product orders.



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Imagine your entire product range on a single platform where potential buyers can easily, after your approval download product related certificates, are able to communicate with you via direct messaging and can place orders for your products. That’s exactly what Pharmaoffer is.

Supplier benefits

  • Increase your sales worldwide
  • Receive orders, communicate directly with buyers and receive secured payment via Pharmaoffer Secured Payment
  • Your (confidential) certificates such as GMP, FDA, ISO and others are shown on the result page and can only be downloaded by buyers after your approval
  • Free marketing: no order no pay
  • Customize your own company page and add your entire product list
  • Easy to use platform without advertisements




We know it can be a ton of work to compare suppliers in what raw materials they offer and in which quality. That’s why we created Pharmaoffer: so you can easily compare the availability of a certain product between suppliers, in what quality it is offered and to be able to download certificates such as CoA, GMP, ISO, et cetera. The actual purchase order is also placed via the Pharmaoffer platform, allowing you to keep track of your purchase orders and to manage the history of all orders you’ve placed.

Buyer benefits

  • Easy to use platform without advertisements
  • Pharmaoffer is free of any charge
  • Pay your order via Pharmaoffer Secured Payment: suppliers will only be paid after you have received your shipment
  • Communicate, send inquiries and orders directly to the supplier of your choice
  • Download certificates and speed up your sourcing process
  • Find all relevant suppliers of the product you are looking for
  • Increase your network of suppliers



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