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How does it work?
Earning Pharmaoffer credits is easy and of utmost importance for the exposure of your company on our platform. The amount of credits defines your company status.


overview suppliers pharmaoffer
Explorer1-750 points
Bronze 751-2000 points
Silver 2001-7500 points
Gold >7500  points


overview suppliers pharmaoffer
Buyers the company status will be visible during communication with Suppliers. Buyers with a high status have proofed to be a trustworthy and reliable customer.

overview suppliers pharmaoffer
Suppliers the company status will determine the ranking on the result page and will be visible near the company logo. The higher your status, the higher your ranking. Suppliers with a high ranking will receive more inquiries and orders.


How do I earn credits?
Everyone will start as an Explorer Member.
You can earn credits in many ways. Make sure your account is in perfect shape:


  • Company logo is uploaded +50 credits
  • Added a small company introduction +50 credits
  • You have added your products +50 credits and uploaded all available QA/QC certificates +100 credits
  • Completed the Pharmaoffer validation process +400 credits
  • Subscribed to our Newsletter +150 credits

You’ll earn a substantial number of credits by closing orders. However, most credits can be earned by recurring orders. The (recurring) order amount will define the number of credits you earn.

  • Order volume +65 credits/€ 1000 or +55 credits/$ 1000
  • Recurring orders +95 credits /€ 1000 or +81 credits/$ 1000






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