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Apino Pharma Co., Ltd.

MOQ: 1 g
Type: Producer
Origin: China

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About Alirocumab

Here is a short description about Alirocumab. Alirocumab is a biopharmaceutical that obtained FDA approval in July 2015 as a second line treatment for high cholesterol in adults whose LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) is not controlled by the combination of diet and statin treatment. It is a human monoclonal antibody part of the family of the PCSK9 inhibitors which are a novel class of anticholesterol therapeutics. From this family, it was the first agent to receive FDA approval. The FDA approval was contingent on the completion of further clinical trials to better determine efficacy and safety. PCSK9 inhibition facilitates more LDL-C clearance from the blood.

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  • Apino Pharma Co., Ltd. from China

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