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Type: Trader
Origin: Germany
Sun Pharma

Type: Producer
Origin: India

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About Celiprolol

It's time for some technical information for the ones who understand chemistry: Celiprolol is indicated for the management of mild to moderate hypertension and effort-induced angina pectoris. It is simultaneously a selective β1 receptor antagonist, a β2 receptor partial agonist and a weak α2 receptor antagonist. In 2010 a clinical trial has suggested a use for this medication in the prevention of vascular complications of a rare inherited disease called vascular Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. This study demonstrated decreased incidence of arterial rupture or dissection (a specific type of arterial rupture in which the layers of the vessel separate prior to complete failure of the artery wall).

Celiprolol is not approved for use by the FDA in the treatment of vascular Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.

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  • TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients from Germany
  • Sun Pharma from India

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