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MOQ: 5 kg
Type: Producer
Origin: Spain
Dr. Reddy's

Type: Producer
Origin: India
Cadila Pharma

Type: Producer
Origin: India
Aarti Industries

Type: Producer
Origin: India

Type: Producer
Origin: United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Unichem Labs.

Type: Producer
Origin: India

Type: Producer
Origin: Italy

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About Lacidipine

Why are professionals looking for Lacidipine? Lacidipine is a lipophilic dihydropyridine calcium antagonist with an intrinsically slow onset of activity. Due to its long duration of action, lacidipine does not lead to reflex tachycardia It displays specificity in the vascular smooth muscle, where it acts as an antihypertensive agent to dilate peripheral arterioles and reduce blood pressure. Compared to other dihydropyridine calcium antagonists, lacidipine exhibits a greater antioxidant activity which may confer potentially beneficial antiatherosclerotic effects Lacidipine is a highly lipophilic molecule that interacts with the biological membranes. Through radiotracer analysis, it was determined that lacidipine displays a high membrane partition coefficient leading to accumulation of the drug in the membrane and slow rate of membrane washout When visualized by small-angle X-ray diffraction with angstrom resolution to examine its location within the membranes, lacidipine was found deep within the membrane's hydrocarbon core These results may explain the long clinical half-life of lacidipine In randomised, well-controlled trials, administration of daily single-dose lacidipine ranging from 2-6 mg demonstrated comparable antihypertensive efficacy similar to that of other long-acting dihydropyridine calcium antagonists, thiazide diuretics, atenolol (a beta-blocker) and enalapril (an ACE inhibitor).

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  • LEBSA from Spain
  • Dr. Reddy's from India
  • Cadila Pharma from India
  • Aarti Industries from India
  • Glaxosmithkline from United Kingdom
  • Unichem Labs. from India
  • Procos from Italy

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