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    China Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited

    MOQ: 1 kg
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    United States Sterling Pharmaceutical Service LLC

    MOQ: 3 kg
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: United States
    United States
    Netherlands Duchefa Farma B.V.

    MOQ: 125 g
    Type: Distributor
    Produced in: Netherlands
    Why Duchefa Farma B.V. ?
    Switzerland VIO Chemicals
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Switzerland
    Belgium Fagron Industry
    Type: Distributor
    Produced in: Belgium
    Why Fagron Industry ?
    China JINLAN Pharm-Drugs Technology Co., Ltd.

    MOQ: 1 g
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    China Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    Germany Caesar & Loretz GmbH (CAELO)
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Germany
    Why Caesar & Loretz GmbH ?
    Hungary Xellia Pharma
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Hungary
    China Antoney Biotech
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    India K. Sevantilal & Co.
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: India
    Slovenia Biotika A.S.
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Slovenia
    China Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    China Yancheng YouHua
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: China
    Denmark Xellia
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Denmark

    Looking for Polymyxin B Sulfate 1405-20-5?

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    Polymyxin B Sulfate 
    Polimixina B, Polymyxin B, Polymyxin B Sulphate, Polymyxin-B-Sulfat, Polymyxine B, Polymyxine B (sulfate de), Polymyxini B sulfas, Polymyxinum B, Polymixin B Sulfate  
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    About Polymyxin B Sulfate

    Here is a short description about Polymyxin B. Polymyxin B was discovered in the 1940s5. They are basic polypeptides of about eight amino acids and have cationic detergent action on cell membranes4. Polymyxin B is used for infections with gram-negative organisms, but may be neurotoxic and nephrotoxic4,. All gram-positive bacteria, fungi, and the gram-negative cocci, are resistant4. It is appropriate for treatment of infections of the urinary tract, meninges, and blood stream, caused by susceptible strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Polymyxin B has a narrow therapeutic index and so its use is limited and unlikely to be used first line5.

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    • Duchefa Farma B.V. from Netherlands
    • Caesar & Loretz GmbH (CAELO) from Germany
    • Shandong Octagon Chemicals Limited from China
    • JINLAN Pharm-Drugs Technology Co., Ltd. from China
    • Fagron Industry from Belgium
    • VIO Chemicals from Switzerland
    • Sterling Pharmaceutical Service LLC from United States
    • Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong from China
    • Antoney Biotech from China
    • Xellia from Denmark
    • Biotika A.S. from Slovenia
    • Xellia Pharma from Hungary
    • Shandong Luxi Pharmaceutical from China
    • Yancheng YouHua from China
    • K. Sevantilal & Co. from India

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