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Katsura Chemical

Type: Producer
Origin: Japan
ACE Japan

Type: Producer
Origin: Japan

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About Zotepine

Here, you can find what Zotepine is used for, in short. Zotepine, with the formula (2-chloro-11-(2-dimethyl-amino-ethoxy)-dibenzo thiepin, is a neuroleptic drug. It was designed and synthesized by Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. It has been used as an antipsychotic in Japan, India and some places in Europe like UK and Germany since 1980's.

Zotepine was never approved by the FDA. In 1993, it was classified as inactive drug substance (Status I, Type II) and in 1995 the FDA studied the manufacturing procedures of Zotepine tablets in Germany, but the status remained inactive.9 When the analysis of antipsychotics was retaken in 2016 by the FDA, zotepine did not reach the threshold effect to be further studied.10. In the EMA, by 2015 it was under pharmacovigilance studies for the potential treatment of acute renal failure.

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