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    Japan Iwaki Seiyaku
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Japan
    Japan Osaka Synthetic Chemical Lab
    Type: Producer
    Produced in: Japan

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    About Ifenprodil

    It's time for some technical information for the ones who understand chemistry: N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors (NMDARs) are members of the ionotropic glutamate receptor family, with key roles in brain development and neurological function NMDARs are heterotetramers that typically involve a dimer of dimers of both GluN1 and GluN2A-D subunits, with each subunit itself composed of an N-terminal domain (NTD), a ligand-binding domain (LBD), a transmembrane domain, and a C-terminal cytoplasmic domain. Binding at the LBD of the agonists glycine (or D-serine) to the GluN1 subunits and of glutamate to the GluN2 subunits is a regulatory mechanism for channel activation. In addition, allosteric modulators are known to bind at the NTDs and form another layer of regulation One such allosteric regulator is ifenprodil, which was first shown to bind the NMDARs in the 1990s, and specifically to those NMDARs containing the GluN2B subunit. Further studies elucidated that ifenprodil binds strongly at the inter-subunit interface of adjacent GluN1 and GluN2B NTDs, where it acts as a non-competitive antagonist Although ifenprodil has received considerable interest in its potential neuromodulatory activities in psychiatric conditions.

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    • Osaka Synthetic Chemical Lab from Japan
    • Iwaki Seiyaku from Japan

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