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United States ChemWerth
Type: Distributor
Produced in: United States
United States
India Emcure Pharma
Type: Producer
Produced in: India
Japan Sumitomo Chemical
Type: Producer
Produced in: Japan
United States Apicore
Type: Producer
Produced in: United States
United States
United States NAVINTA
Type: Producer
Produced in: United States
United States
India MSN Organics
Type: Producer
Produced in: India
Israel Teva API
Type: Producer
Produced in: Israel

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Trien, TETA, Trientine  
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About Triethylenetetramine

What makes Triethylenetetramine unique? Triethylenetatramine (TETA) is a highly selective divalent Cu(II) chelator and orphan drug that revereses copper overload in tissues. Its salt form, trientine (triethylenetetramine dihydrochloride or 2,2,2-tetramine) was introduced in 1969 as an alternative to D-penicillamine. It consists of a polyamine-like structure different from D-penicillamine, as it lack sulfhydryl groups. It was previously approved by FDA in 1985 as second-line pharmacotherapy for Wilson's disease.

Although penicillamine treatment is believed to be more extensive, TETA therapy has been shown to be an effective initial therapy, even with patients with decompensated liver disease at the outset, and prolonged TETA treatment is not associated with adverse effects as expected in penicillamine treatment. Its clinical applications on cancer, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease and vascular demetia are being studied.

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  • ChemWerth from United States
  • Emcure Pharma from India
  • Teva API from Israel
  • Apicore from United States
  • MSN Organics from India
  • Sumitomo Chemical from Japan
  • NAVINTA from United States

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