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Ammar Badwy
| Posted on September 27, 2020

10 practical tips to sell more APIs

The global market changes at a pace we have never seen before. More and more businesses rely on digital marketing, and pharma is not an exception to this rule. Actually, the pharma market, with all of its segments, is probably one of the biggest business systems that’s in the process of migrating online.

For example, some of the biggest pharmacovigilance companies in the world with thousands of employees already operate almost exclusively online. Pharmaoffer is a modern way of doing b2b business.

It’s a similar approach like, Airbnb, or Amazon but then for pharmaceutical raw materials. Buyers can search for APIs or Excipients, and we show all available suppliers. Companies on top of our result page get 83% more orders than other companies.

Are you selling APIs/Excipients, and are you wondering about how to draw the attention of our search engine and buyers? Read on; this article is all about optimizing an account on Pharmaoffer, so once you set it up, you can touch the ground running!

1. Logo

Visual identity is important. More than you might think. If buyers like what they see at first glance, it’s more likely they will read what you have to offer.

At Pharmaoffer, we like logos in good resolution and strictly to the point. What’s more important, buyers visiting our site tend to prefer companies with clean, professionally designed logos.


2. Company description

Not so long ago, we wrote about the perfect elevator pitch. Now it’s time to think about the search bar pitch. Write a short, compelling story about what your company does and what makes you the best in the field.

It might be a good opportunity to practice your storytelling skills. Remember, we are a search engine; choose your words wisely! It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


3. Products

Add all your products to the dashboard. Be aware of the fact that the Pharmaoffer database includes many languages as well as CAS numbers.

By adding all your products, you can be sure that people from all over the world, speaking different languages, can find your products.

4. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

As a buyer, you don’t want to send 20 inquiries for one product, and suppliers don’t like these “bulk” inquiries either.

y setting your minimum order quantity, you can be sure you eliminate the number of wasted inquiries.


5. Available Certificates

At Pharmaoffer, we appreciate all sellers. However, your buyers are looking for credibility.

Make sure you point out what certificates your products have. The better the qualifications, the higher the chances of making a sale!

And the good news is that we made it super easy for you! It’s effortless to manage your setting within your dashboard; you can show each product if you have, for example, a GMP, DMF, or CEP available.

Everyone will see your qualifications with grey checkmarks.

6. Uploaded Certificates

As mentioned above, available certificates are critical in the pharmaceutical market. To reach a higher rank, you have to upload your quality documents. Buyers will now see green checkmarks.

During an inquiry, they can also ask the supplier for permission to download the documents. Only after the approval of the supplier the buyer will be able to download the documents.

This tool will speed up the entire order process from inquiry until delivery.


7. Certificate of Analysis

It’s important to upload at least a CoA. Now, your potential customer will only contact you after he’s sure about the quality and specifications of your product.

After uploading documents, Pharmaoffer will always ask you for the expiry date. We will notify you when your certificates are almost expired.

This will keep all information up-to-date.


8. Reply time

Our goal is to speed up the entire order process. We know that our clients are hard-working professionals, and we don’t want anyone to lose an unnecessary amount of time.

A quick reaction is essential. We monitor the time between the inquiry request of the buyer and the response by the supplier. On our result page, you’ll see the average reply time of each supplier.

9. Address and website

You can let anyone know the address of your company. If you have more plants than we suggest to take the address of your sales office. Anyone who is logged in can see your company address.

Share your website URL. Many users on Pharmaoffer visit the company’s website before sending an inquiry. If your site contains different languages, copy-paste the URL with the English language to increase your sales worldwide.

Search engines like Google, Bing, or Baidu will also give your company’s website a higher rank in their result ranking when they see that high-quality websites are linking to your website.


10. Invite your colleagues

Pharmaoffer is built for the entire company. Some people are responsible for Marketing, Sales, or Purchase. For example, you can invite sales colleagues so they can deal with inquiries and new orders.

If you are selling APIs or Excipients but you don’t have an account yet, make sure to start increasing your sales online now. You can register for free here!


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